New Orleans, LA

Scope of Work:

• interior and exterior renovation
• new master suite addition
• new rear deck

Chef Susan Spicer of Bayona Restaurant asked us to redesign her home which had suffered a fire that left only the charred skeleton structure of her cottage intact. Susan requested that the new house be simple, open, and retain the cottage-quality of her original house. We immediately realized that this was a great opportunity for us; not only would we have the chance to design a new house, but we would be able to work with such a warm and creative person who also shared our desire for simplicity.

The original house had a small and highly compartmentalized floor plan with the standard eight-foot ceilings and small windows. We took this design opportunity to provide Susan with a new master suite addition in the rear yard. We linked the new addition to the old structure with a new library / passage. In the existing structure, we eliminated a few key walls to open up and link the living, dining, and kitchen spaces. To increase the sense of lightness and fluidity, we vaulted the ceiling above these areas. As Susan had requested, we designed a simple, modestly-sized, well-equipped kitchen from which she could access her spacious herb garden and entertain her guests as she cooked for them.

This project was published in the October 2002 issue of New Orleans magazine.



master suite addition


photograph by Cheryl Gerber


photograph by Cheryl Gerber


Chef Susan Spicer in her garden
photograph by Cheryl Gerber